Educational Psychology and Technology: Definition

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What is Educational Psychology & Technology?

国产偷拍视频Educational Psychology & Technology at The Chicago School focuses on applying technology to learning, based on principles of cognitive psychology and learning theory, including: Organizational Learning and Technology (OLT), Higher Education, Learning and Technology (HELT), and K-12 Education, Learning, and Technology (KELT). The program emphasizes technology integration, training students to conduct a rapid evaluation of the efficacy of emerging learning technologies, and to integrate technology to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

History of Educational Psychology & Technology at The Chicago School

The online doctor of education program in educational psychology and technology is designed to educate students to become practitioners who are able to apply educational and psychological theories to practice conduct evidence-based research to inform practice, and employ the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. Unlike Ph.D. programs, which prepare students to do research to advance knowledge, Ed.D. Programs focus on completing research to improve professional practice, bridging the gap between research and practice.

Degrees in Educational Psychology & Technology offered at The Chicago School

Careers in Educational Psychology & Technology

国产偷拍视频Program graduates will be agents of change. Graduates will possess the ability to understand how people and/or organizations learn and be able to implement appropriate technology to improve individual learning outcomes and/or support organizational productivity and sustainability. Students who graduate from this program will be prepared to pursue a diverse range of professional opportunities that include college/university professor, program evaluator, curriculum developer, educational technology consultant, and training specialist. Employment opportunities may also be directly tied to the various areas of concentration including:

Instructional Design:

  • Curriculum designer
  • Faculty Consultation Specialist
  • Educational Consultant

Higher Education Learning and Technology (HELT)

  • Higher Education Curriculum Development Consultant/Manager
  • Director of Competence-based Program
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • College/University Professor specialized in HELT

K-12 Education Learning and Technology (KELT)

  • School Senior Administrators
  • K-12 Curriculum Development Consultant
  • Curriculum and Instruction Superintendents