(designated as ADT on the student’s transcript) are eligible to transfer in all credits related to the ADT.  TCSPP recognizes that the ADT meets all requirements of the General Education curriculum. California ADT graduates are eligible for guaranteed admission to the BA Psychology program.

Chicago City Colleges –STAR Scholar Program

City Colleges of Chicago and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Chicago campus have partnered to increase educational access and success for all students, especially underrepresented students, which both institutions are committed to serve. Through the STAR Partner Agreement,   students who complete select associate degrees will be guaranteed admission into TCSPP’s BA Psychology degree program and additionally be eligible for a $1,250 per academic year for two years for full time students for a total of $2,500.

Illinois Articulation Initiative

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology participates in the  as a Receiving Only Institution. Students entering with an AA degree transferring into the Chicago Campus BA Psychology Program will be considered to have met all General Education requirements. Students entering with an AS degree will be required to complete one additional Humanities & Fine Arts and one additional Social & Behavioral Sciences course to completed General Education requirements.

Interstate Passport

TCSPP accepts the transcripted  from all incoming applicants as documentation that the student meets all TCSPP General Education Requirements. Students also may complete the Interstate Passport at TCSPP by completing our General Education requirements as outline in the academic catalog. TCSPP’s Interstate Passport Block can be viewed at the following link: Interstate Passport Block

For further information, please contact our Office of Admissions.