国产偷拍视频An accredited, nonprofit institution, The Chicago School has been known as an innovator in the field for 40 years, working to push the boundaries and further the impact that psychology has on our world.

国产偷拍视频On the leading-edge of our discipline and its many emerging applications, we provide students extensive options to “customize” their coursework and develop the focused expertise that suits their individual interests and career goals by selecting concentrations or specializations in areas such as Latino mental health, child and adolescent psychology, neuropsychology, sport and exercise psychology, environmental advocacy, organizational leadership, addictions, trauma studies, and more.

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The Chicago School is known for fostering one of the field’s most pioneering and innovative learning environments, blending world-class theoretical preparation with multicultural training and intensive hands-on learning. Classroom instruction is supported and enhanced by multiple opportunities for applying skills in real-world settings and building resumes that will prepare students for their post-graduate professional lives.

Throughout their educational experience, students will benefit from intensive personal and professional mentoring offered by practitioner faculty, and from multicultural training that will prepare them for the global world.

Our faculty members take learning seriously, participating in programs to measure their effectiveness as teachers and receiving year-round training in attitudes, behaviors, and processes that support student learning. We systematically evaluate student learning outcomes and apply the assessment skills and 360-degree feedback tools of the psychology field to help students better understand and capitalize on their unique learning styles.